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Getting Started


You can enroll directly through the NuHeights website.

A USD 30 registration fee is needed for the enrollment. You will have access to your own Virtual Office and various business tools like your e-Wallet and more. Once you enroll, you will also receive three (3) Tracking Centres (TC). These TCs are the foundation wherein you primarily build your team.


An TC can only be qualified by generating at least 100 BV. 100 BV is equal to 1 NuHeights product package sold. There two ways to get a 100 BV.

  • One is by selling IR-discounted NuHeights products to a retail customer.
  • Or you can simply make personal purchase of NuHeights product package/s.


There are 3 ways to Activate your account.

  • Personal Sponsorship – Once your primary TC (TC 001) is Qualified, work at getting a minimum of one (1) Qualified Direct Referral placed on both sides of your primary TC.
  • Smart Combination – You can Qualify TC 002 and 003 through a combination of personal purchases and/or retail sales worth at least 100 BV per TC.
  • Self-Activation – You can make personal purchases worth at least 300 BV and Qualify TC 001, 002, and 003. You are now Activated after qualifying the 3 TCs.