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7 Smart Ways To Earn Income


Active Independent Representative (IR) can earn retail profit by buying NuHeights products at a discounted IR price and then selling these at retail price. All IRs are eligible to receive Retail Profit by virtue of access to NuHeights product discounts.


You earn the First Purchase Profit by selling IR-discounted NuHeights product package/s at retail price to your new personally-sponsored IR, or the person you recruit as part of your own network.


Once you have established your network of IRs, you can start earning more through the Smart Step Commission. The Smart Step Commission simply refers to the percentage of profit that goes directly to you as your personally-sponsored IRs continue to sell NuHeights product packages to new IRs.

All Active IRs are also eligible for Step Commission. The Smart Step Commission is received weekly and can be earned with every 300 Business Volume (BV) growth in your network. 100 BV is equal to 1 NuHeights product package sold.


NuRewards is a point system where IRs can earn 20 points on the 6th step of every Cycle (1 cycle is made of 6 steps). With the NuRewards points, IRs can redeem luxury gifts and other services.

GROUP ACTIVITY BONUS (to be offered at a later date)

With only USD 30 transfer fee per transaction, the NuHeights eWallet offers you a fast, simple and secure alternative to traditional payment methods. What’s more — you can earn a USD 3 Group Activity Bonus per eWallet transaction (max 5 levels) every quarter from your Direct Referrals with compression by line of personal sponsorship.

MATCHING BONUS (to be offered at a later date)

Think of your network as a symmetrical pattern with two equal sides. Every time you sponsor a new IR/generate 100 BV/ sell a NuHeights product package, your network expands. The best expansion model for your network is for the two sides remain equal. Every time your community grows and you manage to complement each growth with another growth on the other side, you get a matching bonus of 2% commission per level (max 5 levels)!


We celebrate with you in every step towards success by offering you the chance to give yourself a much-deserved retreat. Earn not only profit and recognition but also wonderful travel incentives from NuHeights.