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Picture this: you just closed a big deal. You needed to rest. You wanted to go somewhere relaxing. Beside the sea, perhaps. White sand. Warm water. Wind on your face. A drink on your hand and in the other, that book you’ve been waiting to read. And now you are here, in that very scene you’ve been dreaming of.

A click on your laptop connects you to loved ones miles away. You talk to them through our NuComms Netphone. For free. Then you remember a last-minute business concern. You log in your Virtual Office and transact. You call the customer support. They tell you they got everything pat down for you.

You smile. Everything’s fine. You are away, yet still on top of your business. Tonight, you will eat in that 5-star Michelin restaurant everybody has been raving about. You heave a sigh of content. This is the luxury you truly deserve.

And all it took was a phone call.

At NuHeights, we are intimately attuned to your lifestyle needs. We know your need for respite. Our perceptiveness is our commitment and we serve our people by giving them what they value.

From this philosophy, we created our two main product lines: NuTravels and NuComms. We want you to go out and see the world, learn more from life, and still stay connected to those that you cherish, your loved ones or your business associates. The key is balance. And we have just the right tools for you to keep that delicate equilibrium.

Our NuTravels Luxury Holiday Packages are lavish vacations that you can tailor-fit to suit your every need.

Our NuComms – VoIP product bundles are superb telecommunications services that help you stay in touch while you are away.